Nightcore - Caliente (Full Album)52:48

Nightcore - Caliente (Full Album)

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Caliente is the fifth (and the last) album released in 2003 by the original Nightcore duo Thomas S. Nilsen and Steffen Ojala Søderholm (aka DJ TnT and DJ SoS).


Track Duration
5 Elements 2:55
Breathe Without You 2:55
Dam Dadi Doo 2:42
Destiny 3:13
Don't You 2:48
Feel The Stars 3:08
Here In My Heart 2:46
History 2:57
Life Is A Mystery 3:30
Lucky Star 2:38
Now I'm Free 2:55
Promised Land 2:47
Rainbow 2:43
Ta Sama Chwila 3:02
Trip 2 Wonderland 2:30
Where Are You Now 3:03
Why 2:54
Wriemia Agniej 3:09

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