hard dance is genre contains dirty and sexual dance very bad meaning of 18 years old with by cursing , dirty dancing, killing and rape those mature words are very badly for children with Safety things.

but they are steps are for age Appropriate songs, album and music videos. these are for the grown ups to listen that but those genres are very bad in the anime club albums. so the stuffs are good vs bad because those stuff are kidding me or us. watch the video and but the video its very shows the album to us.

night core song is drive me crazy that's a hard dance too. those songs are very inappropriate because of the meaning but the genre its very inappropriate. maybe can be the stuff of the meaning because its very can be bad or sexiest.

all of the things are badly because its very mature of the meaning. but the stuff its confused because its so dirty. the mature of controversial has of the shocking meaning but those stuffs has nudity, sexual content, crude, cursing, killing, smoking, drugs, and rape those stuffs can be mature.

Nightcore - Drive Me Crazy Espresso (Dindon Radio Edit) HD Remaster Lyrics03:29

Nightcore - Drive Me Crazy Espresso (Dindon Radio Edit) HD Remaster Lyrics

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