Nightcore - Drive Me Crazy Espresso (Dindon Radio Edit) HD Remaster Lyrics03:29

Nightcore - Drive Me Crazy Espresso (Dindon Radio Edit) HD Remaster Lyrics

Nightcore Drive me crazy lyrics03:29

Nightcore Drive me crazy lyrics

First Nightcore - Drive Me Crazy on YouTube (to be found on 2015.5.11)

Original song Edit

Espresso - Drive Me Crazy (Dindon Radio Edit)

Espresso - Drive Me Crazy-006:29

Espresso - Drive Me Crazy-0

The song is a cover and remix of Elucid - Drive Me Crazy.

Elucid - Drive Me Crazy04:23

Elucid - Drive Me Crazy

Nightcore Edit

The first uploader of the songs is unknown as the first video is a lyric video which is not likely to be the original uploader.

Nightcore Drive me crazy lyrics uploaded by LFCPro930918 on 23 Oct 2009.

The first video to be found on 2015.5.11. Description reads 'yay the first one with lyrics to this song:D:D:D enjoy;D' so it seems not the 'first video' but 'first lyrics video'.

Crazy Trance ~ Drive Me Crazy by natalie4ever50 on 28 Apr 2010.

Nightcore - Drive Me Crazy by Revan00100 on 19.03.2010, 20:59 Uhr

Nightcore - Drive Me Crazy ! by Aero Kellen on 7 Aug 2010

Used same image as the Revan00100 on so it may be a reupload.

Nightcore - Drive Me Crazy! by ProjectRMX on 29 Oct 2010

Nightcore Drive Me Crazy by DirgeMax on 10 Aug 2011

From ous! beatmap.

Nightcore - Drive me Crazy by Nincom69 on 12 Aug 2011

The remix is not Dindon Radio Edit and the description reads 'Original: DJ Mystik - Drive me Crazy' It is not known that whether [DJ Mystik] remixed or the song is also featured in his CD without crediting the original artists so some uploaders though DJ Mystik produced the songs.

Nightcore - Drive me Crazy by Revan00100 on 8 Oct 2011

osu! map Edit

Nightcore - Drive Me Crazy osu! map is submited by MileiyHrmirlt on Feb 14, 2011.

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