they are the nightcore members. meet sally has her YouTube channel named nightcore reality and she was discover channel named cupcake wars and she has the biggest fan in her early life. meet kai in his early life he was win the anime group awards 2012 and kai was in the 2006 show nana he played shic and he was the member of band group nightcore. meet Gigi she was the member of the band group nightcore she is a singer in the e freezer from anime music compilation in her career she play the lead since 2011. meet Caleb he was the member of the band group nightcore in his best career he has the first studio on 2011. but Caleb was the best member in the whole world. meet Lucy in the studio she got the first plan in 2011 and she got the power. Lucy says we gonna do our studio 2012 and she was in her career in 2012. and she can be the same thing.

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