hey nightcore wiki fans welcome to our wiki today i have good news today. but we gonna have a great day but if you post a comment go to my talk page to help you something about it. so those stuffs are cool but they have new pages for you guys and so want you come be a star or a winner. you have to be cool if you want to win this you have to join the chat with me. i gonna send you a picture for you guys and do the first thing to do with it and stuff to do with it. but join the chat. and you wanna go there you have to start this. and dont forget to like a message. make sure you leave a message for my user. and go to the home page to start to make your own nightcore page and we gonna do this for that but we can have fun. and the first thing to do that and we gonna do that thing when we get older.
Nightcore bomb

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